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SUNSHINE™ Boosters: Complete Plant Nutrition Made Simple

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SUNSHINE™ Complete Nutritional System

About SUNSHINE™ Nutrition System

Complete plant nutrition schedules

SUNSHINE™ in a Bottle: micro-elements and bio-stumulants

SUNSHINE™ Macro Boosters: soluble NPK Nutrients (Macro-food)

SUNSHINE™ Grow Mixes and more

Grow Room Control Systems

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About SUNSHINE™ Nutrition System

Why do you need it?

Why do you need to fertilize, really? Plants grow in a wild and no one fertilizes them; garden centers are full of nice looking plants, what else do you need?
And here is the trick...

Have you noticed that once you move a plant from a pot into the ground, it starts growing bigger, faster and better? What was wrong with the pot?
Do you remember that nice looking plant you purchased from a greenhouse that became not-so-nice looking just in a couple months?
You watered it, yes. But it became leggy, dropped all the flowers, got some bugs, and leaves are not as green any more... What happened?
Your verdict was, you just had a brown thumb and no luck with plants.

This is not why! Now we will explain what happened, and how to make it right. Easy - as a 1-2-3-4-5.

What happens in the ground?

When a plant grows in open ground, it takes essential elements from the soil. Such elements as N, P, K, Ca, Si come from soil solids in a form of various salts. Trace elements (mocro-elements) such as Fe, Mg, Mn, Cu, S, Zn are also available from soil compounds. Organic humic acids, so necessary for plant growth, are also there as a result of humus decay process. Special bacterias that turn organic matter into plant food, as well worms and other soil fauna, help to create ideal substance that has everything necessary for a plant growth. The more the root system grows and spreads, the more nutrients it can reach and consume, so the plant starts growing faster and faster.

What happens in a pot?

Container grown plants have to use what they have, with no choice. Their roots may try to "escape" throught the holes in the bottom of a pot in hope to reach wider horizons of nutrients, but have no luck, unless a stong taproot digs into the ground and gets its free access to more food! Otherwise, plant's roots are doomed to sit in a SOILLESS MIX which is originally FOODLESS.
Soilless mix = bark + peat + perlite, this is a general formula. Unless you provide PLANT FOOD, your plant gets by without a meal, and very soon becomes skinny, pale, bugsy, and sick. Just like every live creature.

Soilles mix is a great media (and the best media for potted plants). However, since it is lacking those elements available in soil, it is a kind of hydroponics. It is well known that in hydroponics, all plant food must be provided with nutrients through constant fertilizing program.

1-2-3-4-5 Rules of Green Thumb

How to grow healthy, fast growing, and good looking plants?
Can you get a Magic Wand for profuse flowering, green leaves, and large fruit?
All you need is just a Green Thumb that fills all the gaps!
Considering you already know that all plants need LIGHT and WATER, we can have a FOOD talk. These are important components of the Plant Nutrition System:

1. Growing Media is a start. It will hold the plant, the water, and the plant food. It will have necessary bacteria to help the plant digestion.

2. Macro-nutrients NPK. These are major essential elements.

3. Calcium. A necessarry support that is present in soil, but lacking in potting mix.

4. Micro-nutrients. To provide trace element support and correct possible element difficeincies.

5. Bio-stumilants. To provide immunne system support, vitamins, and protect plant from environment.
Sunshine-Epi, Sunshine HumiHum, Suchine-Si-Power.

SUNSHINE™ complete plant nutrition schedule

Water solution tips:

  • 5 ml / 1 gal = 22 drops / 16 oz (standard water bottle)
  • 2.5 ml / 1 gal = 11 drops / 16 oz (standard water bottle)
  • Use DISTILLED water: Sunshine Epi (including -E, -S, -BC, -H, -T)
  • Use clean TAP water: all other solutions
  • Do NOT mix solutions; for best results, apply each product separately
  • Always apply Sunshine Epi first, before other applications for better effect

Mail-ordered plant starter and stress relief

  day 1 day 7 day 14 day 21 after day 30
flowering plants
after day 30
fruiting plants
Booster ml/gal            
SUNSHINE™ Epi 2.5   2.5   2.5 2.5
SUNSHINE™ Power 25 25 25 25 5/mo 5/mo
SUNSHINE™ SuperFood   5   5 5/mo 5/mo
SUNSHINE™ HumiHum         5/mo 5/mo
SUNSHINE™ Honey           5
SUNSHINE™-GreenLeaf         5 5
Water-soluble dry            
Booster 1 tsp / gal            
Baby-Plant Food     1      
Tropical Greenhouse Plus       1    
Pink N Good Flower Booster         1/mo  
Fruit Festival           1/mo
Smart-release granulated            
Booster 1 tsp / gal of soil            
Top Tropicals Smart Release       1    
Tropical Allure         1/mo  
Mango-Food Fruit Tree Booster           1/mo

Established plants schedule: tropical ornamentals, fruit trees, and edibles

  • To maintain pH between 5.5-6.5: SUNSHINE™ Power can be used with every watering. Additionally, it dechlorinates tap water and is used to lower the pH of a fertilizer solution
  • Week and stressed plants (water-stressed, heat stressed. cold-stresse. etc.): use SUNSHINE™ Epi which will boost the plan's immune system and help recover quickly
  • Correcting iron deficiency (chlorosis, yellowing leaves with darke veins): use SUNSHINE™ GreenLeaf, a very potent Iron supplement to make plants green very quickly

!!! To enhance effect of all nutrients, apply SUNSHINE™ Epi one day before application of micro- or macro-nutrients

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Booster ml/gal                        
SUNSHINE™ Epi 2.5 2.5 2.5           2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
SUNSHINE™ Power     25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25  
SUNSHINE™ SuperFood     5 5 5 5 5 5 5      
SUNSHINE™ HumiHum     5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5  
SUNSHINE™ Honey   5 5 5   5     5      
SUNSHINE™-GreenLeaf     55     5     5 5    
SUNSHINE™ Constanta 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Water-soluble dry                        
Booster 1 tsp / gal                        
Tropical Greenhouse Plus     1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  
Pink N Good Flower Booster       1 1 1 1 1 1 1    
Fruit Festival     1 1 1 1 1 1        
Liquid NPK solutions (for every watering)                        
Booster ml/gal                        
Bombino   25 25                  
Robusta       25 25              
Total Feed           25 25          
Megaflor               25 25      
C-Cibus                   25 25  
Smart-release granulated                        
Booster 1 tsp / gal of soil                        
Top Tropicals Smart Release     1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  
Tropical Allure       1 1 1 1 1 1 1    

Mango-Food Fruit Tree Booster (fruit)
or Plumeria (flowering)

      1 1 1 1 1 1 1    

Stages of young plant development - Booster applications

  SUNSHINE™ Epi SUNSHINE™ SuperFood SUNSHINE™ Power Baby-Plant Food Tropical Allure
Pre-soaking seeds 3-6 hours        
Pre-soaking cuttings 30-40 min        
Sprouting weekly        
2 leaves weekly       1/2 tsp
/ gal soil
3-4 leaves weekly weekly      
vegetative growth monthly weekly weekly monthly  
pre-flower monthly weekly weekly monthly  
buds monthly   weekly monthly  

Tips for propagation from seed and cuttings:

1. Propagation mix must have very high drainage characteristics. Use Sunshine Starter Mixes.
2. Leaves must stay moist (fine mist), roots - not soggy
3. Pre-treatment with fungicide to avoid rot
4. Pre-treatment with rooting hormone (for cuttings) and Sunshine-Epi (cuttings and seeds). Rooting hormones (dry or liquid) also work as fungicide and help to prevent cuttings rot.
5. Mixes for both rooting cuttings and seeds germination must include special slow-release fertilizer to make food available right away once the root start forming

Detailed Formulation for Sunshine Complete Nutrition System

Plant stage week # MACRO-Boosters (NPK), ml/gal of water MICRO-Boosters, ml/gal of water
    Bombino Robusta TotalFeed Megaflor C-Cibus Constanta Ca-Support Power-Si Epi (foliar) Superfood
seedling 1 25         5 5      
vegetative 2   25       5 5   2.5  
vegetative 3   25       5 5 25    
transition 4     25     5 10      
early bloom 5     25     5 10 25 2.5 5
early bloom 6       25   5 10      
mid-bloom 7       25   5 10 25   5
mid-bloom 8       25   5 10      
late-bloom 9         25 5 5 25 2.5  
late-bloom 10         25 5 5      
ripen 11         25 5 5 25    
flush 12           5 5      
flush 13           5 5 25    

Water solution tips:

  • Prepare solution right before use and do not store solution more than 1 day.
  • All solutions in SUNSHINE Booster Nutrition System (NPK-macro and micro-boosters) are compatible.
  • Dissolve nutrients first, then add the rest of the water and stir well
  • Apply Sunshine Epi first, before other applications for better effect
  • Use DISTILLED water: Sunshine Epi - brassinosteroid bio-stimulant - should be mixed with distilled water separately from other boosters. It is very bio-active, and if mixed with other compounds, oxidizes quickly which may affect its performance. Apply as foliar spray only (it only works on contact with leaves and not through the root system).
  • Use clean TAP water: all macro- and micro- nutrients.
  • When using Micro- and Macro-boosters, you may mix all components in one watering can/tank (except for Epi), using regular tap water.
  • Besides watering root ball, macro-micro solution can be also used for foliar spray. It is optional, as in some circumstances growers prefer to keep leaves dry at all times: to stay away from mold, fungus and other issues caused by wet environment.
  • Give enough water for 10-20% runoff, and always remove runoff
  • If the stage of a plant development lasts longer than the time indicated in the table, use the last recipe indicated for the stage. For example, if a vegetative stage is indicated for the 2nd and 3rd week, use the recipe for the third week throughout the vegetative stage.
  • Repeat Week 3 for a longer vegetative period, Repeat Week 8 for a longer flowering stage
  • Keep concentrates and solutions protected from bright sunlight.
  • Do not mix with other concentrated fertilizers
  • For smaller amounts use drop bottles (1 ml = 30 drops)

Example of Sunshine Boosters Nutrition System application

1. Daily watering in one can: NPK 25 ml/gal (one of 5, depending on growth stage) + Constanta 5 ml/gal + Ca-Support 5 ml/gal, mixed in tap water
2. Every 2 weeks: spray Sunshine-Epi 2.5 ml/gal -  to boost immune system and growth rate, mixed in distilled water
3. From daily to every 2 weeks: Sunshine-Power-Si 25 ml/gal to protect from diseases and keep pH at 5.5-6.5. Can be used as often as daily and mixed with daily watering solution (1)
4. As needed: Sunshine SuperFood and GreenLeaf - for correcting deficiencies. Can be also mixed with daily solution (1)

Nutrients compatibility


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